Physical Security Assessments

Physical security involves a lot more than simply checking locks and fences. When we talk about physical security, we mean the use of physical (things you can touch) controls to protect you, your employees, your property, your buildings, your equipment, your stock and so on. When we talk about controls, these can include locks & fences, but also consider things like CCTV, lighting, windows, guards, alarms and increasingly, the use of “natural” objects to provide security as well as presenting a positive corporate appearance and minimising any harm to the environment.
What we provide

We realise that your needs are unique and that your security requirements are driven by many circumstances such as your organisation’s risk appetite, the threats you face and the disposition of your assets. We also realise that your physical security needs change over time, from new buildings to established businesses. As a result, we have made sure our services are flexible and adaptable enough to cater for all your requirements.
Our core services fall into the following categories – although the specifics will always be built around you and your needs:

Security Survey. Our security professionals will visit your location (or locations) to review what controls are in place and how well these meet the agreed threats.

Security Inspection. If you have a set of standards that must be met, or want assurance about the quality of a 3rd party supplier, we can carry out an independent inspection on your behalf.

Security Build. If you are planning to move or expand your premises, our security consultants will work with you to build in security from the start.
Working with you, we will help you identify what your key assets are, what threats they face, and how best to mitigate the risks that are created.